Elektra opera

One of these days
I’m going to make you beg—
First for your life,
Until you accept it won’t be spared—
Then for death,
Once you realize it won’t come quickly.
It has nothing to do with justice,
Only a desire for revenge,
And to preserve the lives
Of the ones I cherish.
I will relish in your throes,
Hum along to your screams
As the blood drains from orifices
The human body should never possess;
And when your eyes roll back
And your body goes limp,
I will only feel regret
That I could not protract
Your final moments of anguish any longer,
But I will pat myself on the back
Because you won’t cause any more harm,
Not to the rest of the world—
Which I couldn’t care less about—
But to the ones I cherish.

They tell me I’m a good man,
But this, I think,
Provides evidence to the contrary.

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