Mourning Callisto

Ursa Major

Hello, Callisto.
That is your true identity, is it not?
One sworn to a cause
Noble and righteous
Until fate set upon you your false god,
Who stole from you your innocence,
Your future,
And impregnated you with your demise.
Fealty given to one who would spite you
For a single mistake—
Not even of your doing—
And let you become a monster:
Roaming, unloved, solitary,
Belonging to neither womanhood nor the animals,
So that Olympus itself is set against you
And those you love the most,
Hunters to slay you at your most desperate.
And finally you stagnate,
Like Ursa Major in the heavens,
The world you knew far below,
And you yourself no longer a part of it;
But unlike poor Callisto,
Raped by circumstance,
Your fate was chosen by your hand,
And so when you are frozen in space
There will be no healing waters to dip your feet in.

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