Woman of the Desert

Gypsy of the desert, You rode the arid winds To the moisture of summer, A harbinger of light and heat, But your soul was possessed with death: A caustic freeze. Your utterances futile, Your mysticism fragile, Crushed by the slightest perturbation In the illusory balance of your fabric; Your magic waning, You turned to alchemy,... Continue Reading →



I know who I am: Every last bit of me; It all fits into place, Like a puzzle pieced together. At long last, I need nothing: Not your religion, Not veneration toward false gods, Not your orgies and promiscuity Or your diminutive perception of love. I feel the peace resonating--- Internal, not without, Where I... Continue Reading →

Mistress of Erebus

You came to me In the black of the night: Mistress of Erebus, Broken and bleeding With those eyes so red. I had fancied you an angel, Yet you deigned to look to me, To seek solace in my words. Alas, I was a myth You had built up in your head: Nothing real, no... Continue Reading →

Last Resorts

Sometimes I think about leaving--- Not even packing up or bidding farewells--- Just leave as I am: Heartless, hopeless, alone, A failure. My life has reached Armageddon, With everything laid waste by a nuclear holocaust When the atom bomb dropped before me, Incinerating every trace of freedom and tranquility. I have grown weary of combat... Continue Reading →

How Words Can Crush a Soul

Can you really expect me to believe The words that escape your mouth, After all the tears you've shed That have dropped into your vat of deceit, Sucked into a drain and lost from your memory Like they never happened? Too bad I don't forget. Every utterance from your lips Has been seared into my... Continue Reading →

A Betrayed’s Lament

      You bring out the worst in me: That darkness I've struggled so hard to suppress. I didn't realize it until today, Staring at meaningless words On an artificial screen, Trying to capture the essence Of everything I feel for you, Everything I've felt. It has all unraveled before my eyes, And the... Continue Reading →

The Breathing Myth

The angels envy you And the demons hate you; The Olympians spurn you, For they are jealous and bitter, And all the heroes dining in Valhalla Would cower before you, Because you dwarf their gods With the smallest breath From your empyreal lungs. You are the birth Of something the universe has never seen, So... Continue Reading →

Ponderings on the Shores of Death

What do you do When the loneliness creeps into your heart, Crushing you with the weight Of a thousand temples that once stood As monuments to your empire of amorosity? How can you combat Something that is so real, Yet so intangible, And strikes like a hurricane, Crashing into the coast, Felling even the tallest... Continue Reading →

Bleeding Emotion

I was a soul in hibernation Decades-long, The accursed hero of Mere Existence, Feigning piety and sensibility When my masochism was only cloaked Behind normalcy; But I was a dead spirit: Numb, emotionless, vapid. You can imagine, then, Having experienced death firsthand, Why I have laid bare all And sacrificed secrecy for honesty, Why the... Continue Reading →

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