For the Love of All Gods

Castle burning on water

Weeks have gone by
Since you stole the color from my life
And imbued souls undeserving
With a sunrise they could never comprehend;
And I, venerated above such trifles
By gods, titans, and demons,
Have deigned to feel your suffering,
To deliver unto you ascendancy
Into a dimension surreal and provocative;
But you would distort me with your mutagen,
All the while professing truths
That you systemically deny,
Enabling a festering corruption
To warp you into a numbed fabrication.
You wade through filth to prove your points,
Which adulterate you in reparation;
Like this you subscribe to asceticism,
But your throes do not invoke absolution,
Only further transgression.
Would I could rescue you
From this punishment you have endured immemorial—
Like a diseased Ouroboros—
But I have fired every bullet in my gun,
Sacrificed every bone in my body,
Appealed to every god whose name I know,
And still your willful incognizance
Usurps your kingdom with absolute dominance,
So, in my cursed transcendence
I will leave this kingdom to be razed
And keep my eyes heavenward,
All the while the smell of the ashes
Rising beneath me like tendrils
To infect my nostrils
And remind me of the ruin I left behind.

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