Art by Aeon Lux

Never will you understand my delight
That you have denied your spirit’s light,
In succumbing to the malnutrition
That emaciates your soul.
Now that puerility has dominated your will
And you have exposed yourself to animosity,
I shall take hold of your mind, your ego,
Crushing your psyche in my visceral palm.
I will decimate you in ways you never conceived
And render the years you spent
Wading in the garbage of self-loathing
A distant memory of pleasant days long past.
Yes, you are mine now,
And you will waste your days in chambers
Where your misery festers and drags you down
To the seventh circle of hell;
There I will smile, there I will revel
In the pillar of stress that has ruptured your heart,
And you will never escape this despondency
Because you’re too weak to fight.

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