Cyanide Demons


There is nothing more akin to hell on Earth
Than watching the mutations of friends,
Into fiends horrific and despondent,
And knowing you possess no power,
No jurisdiction
Over their descent into disparity.
You can only lay your eyes on them
And their radiance
As it is snuffed out,
Blotted by an ugliness unfathomable,
Inciting self-destruction, self-denial,
And acceptance of everything corrupted.
This is not what you committed yourself to,
Pledged your loyalty to,
Sacrificed your soul to;
No, your immolation was meant to nourish them,
Watch them grow into angels greater than God,
Not for them to distort into cyanide demons
Who infect everyone in their presence
And vindicate themselves with prevarication and sin.
You’re helpless, heartbroken,
As this spectacle plays out before you,
And you’re unable to remove yourself,
For the infinitesimal chance they could be saved
And ascend once more.


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