Humans > Gods

World hand

Dereliction and nascence
Couldn’t keep us apart;
We are, like Caelus and Terra,
Forever entwined, and boundless.
Not so long ago complete strangers,
Unaware that complements to our egos
Existed out in the subterranean ether,
We are now forces of nature
So terrifying the gods tremble.
Alas, our power is for naught;
Together we could rule the world,
Bend legions to our will,
And neither the Seraphs
Nor the Olympians
Could oppose the strength
Of our sheer willpower.
With my intellect
And your ambition,
Not to mention the raw talent
That seethes from our auras,
We would be truly unstoppable;
Yes, we could have so much fun together
If you would be a human,
But you’ve chosen to remain a zombie,
And those that are lifeless
Forfeit their power.


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