Tearful, She Asked Why it Ended Like This

Family split

When a man and a woman fall in love,
Sometimes the world turns against them;
What they have is so beautiful, so pure,
All the ugliness in this hedonistic realm
Conspires to tear them down,
Rip them apart,
And conflagrate the remnants of their union.
There is nothing redemptive in this—
No moral to learn or silver lining—
Just the fact that you will feel pain,
Tears will be shed,
And those who would seek to watch you suffer
Will be elated with all they have stolen.
If there was ever proof that the devil is real,
My dear, this is it;
But if that evil exists, so does the good.
So yes, there will be pain and tears and sorrow,
Hatred and rage, and you, the victim.
But always you can choose how to face it,
Whether you want to run and hide
Or stand and weather the storm,
Feel the hurt, the sorrow,
Let every tear soil the ground
And watch a flower grow from it.
If you are strong enough to pluck it up
And lift it to the Sun,
Perhaps you will find something beyond the pain—
Something redemptive or a silver lining—
And realize
That no matter what the ugliness of this world inflicts upon you,
It cannot smother your beauty, your spirit.
You are God.


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