Personal Atlas

Atlas silhouette

I am your personal Atlas,
Holding up your entire world,
The weight of your burdens,
The onus that drives you to tears
And sends you reaching for escape;
But never do I mind,
Because I cherish this world
You have thrust upon me,
Entrusted to me to protect
And keep moving every second.

Am I your personal Atlas?
I feel you pulling away,
Slipping from my grip,
Soon to roll away from this—
Your anchor—
Onto the back of another,
Or perhaps in your own orbit,
Free and unsupported
While I outlive my purpose
And stare in awe.

I am still your personal Atlas,
Lifting you up as you fall again,
Weighed down by your world’s pollution;
The inhabitants of your lands
Have ripped you apart, desecrated you,
But still I am here to hold you up,
Never crushing you myself,
Never using this position as leverage
To take possession of your beauty
Or hold you down from your potential.

I was your personal Atlas,
But I am he no longer,
Replaced by another,
Or perhaps substituted for open space.
You circle your own source of light,
Rotating from light to darkness,
But in both states, breathtaking;
In the shadow of Tartarus I watch,
As you drift, guided by the pull of your light,
No longer requiring my support, my anchor.


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