Alone in the world
Artist: Gabriel Maurano

The panic sets in:
My breaths stifle
As if someone is standing on my lungs;
My bones tremble
As though frozen to the marrow;
My heart beats faster
As if it at any second it will burst.
Everything within me
Tells me to run,
To lash out, to scream,
To point a finger,
To lay blame,
So that I might be vindicated;
But in truth, I know
There is not always someone to blame,
There is not always wrongdoing,
And though the knowledge
Does not assuage the pain,
Resorting to hatred
Will only fester more distance.
The panic sets in,
Just like it has before,
Just like it will again,
And standing aghast
In the face of this dread—
This insurmountable loneliness—
I will defy these machinations
That have warped my mind
And, never reaping reward,
I will still prove that I’m something more
Than anything you’ve seen before.


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