For the Love of All Gods

Weeks have gone by Since you stole the color from my life And imbued souls undeserving With a sunrise they could never comprehend; And I, venerated above such trifles By gods, titans, and demons, Have deigned to feel your suffering, To deliver unto you ascendancy Into a dimension surreal and provocative; But you would distort... Continue Reading →


The Sins We Cannot Forgive

In spite of the pomp and confidence You exude every waking moment, Your silence is baffling; Nary a sound slips from your tongue, At least not in my presence, Because your words are reserved For the debased and debauched Who would only drag your soul To the depths of a hell you think you crave.... Continue Reading →


Never will you understand my delight That you have denied your spirit's light, In succumbing to the malnutrition That emaciates your soul. Now that puerility has dominated your will And you have exposed yourself to animosity, I shall take hold of your mind, your ego, Crushing your psyche in my visceral palm. I will decimate... Continue Reading →

Cyanide Demons

There is nothing more akin to hell on Earth Than watching the mutations of friends, Lovers, Family, Into fiends horrific and despondent, And knowing you possess no power, No jurisdiction Over their descent into disparity. You can only lay your eyes on them And their radiance As it is snuffed out, Blotted by an ugliness... Continue Reading →

Humans > Gods

Dereliction and nascence Couldn't keep us apart; We are, like Caelus and Terra, Forever entwined, and boundless. Not so long ago complete strangers, Unaware that complements to our egos Existed out in the subterranean ether, We are now forces of nature So terrifying the gods tremble. Alas, our power is for naught; Together we could... Continue Reading →

Tearful, She Asked Why it Ended Like This

When a man and a woman fall in love, Sometimes the world turns against them; What they have is so beautiful, so pure, All the ugliness in this hedonistic realm Conspires to tear them down, Rip them apart, And conflagrate the remnants of their union. There is nothing redemptive in this--- No moral to learn... Continue Reading →

The Whore of Dysphoria

With the stresses of your delusion Fueled by today's prevarication Fresh on my mind but far from my soul, I can confess all to your deaf ears: You are the epitome of misery--- Everything wrong with me; Each time I feel I have escaped your clutch, A new chain binds me down, Sapping my potential,... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Existence, Fleeting

You are not a possession. You do not belong to me or any other; You belong to yourself, And who you choose to dole out grace to Is just that: a choice. For as much power as you wield, You cannot prevent the world’s pain, And in the end, there will be obliteration. Woe for... Continue Reading →

Personal Atlas

I am your personal Atlas, Holding up your entire world, The weight of your burdens, The onus that drives you to tears And sends you reaching for escape; But never do I mind, Because I cherish this world You have thrust upon me, Entrusted to me to protect And keep moving every second. Am I... Continue Reading →

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