Edge of heaven

“You’re crazy,” she says,
Tears falling from her eyes
Like the rain before a squall
As she grips the fringes of guilt,
Born from sins she never committed;
And despite my protests,
I know she is right:
I am insane beyond compare—
Out of my mind—
For the love I possess
Means there is no measure
To the lengths I will go,
The suffering I will endure,
To shed even a mote of light
On the darkness in which she is imprisoned.
She believes she is toxic,
A bleeding scar on my heart,
When the truth—
Though I never know how to express it—
Is the opposite:
Standing awestruck,
In the presence of such ethereal radiance—
More blinding than staring into the Sun—
Knowing my life isn’t even a fraction
Of what I would surrender
For a second’s smile,
Is the most freedom I could ever strive for;
And if this is not unconditional bliss,
I am incapable of fathoming happiness.
There is no way for me
To convince her that her guilt is unwarranted,
That she does not inflict this torture
She has fabricated in her mind;
All I have are inadequate words and a voice,
And the most precious gift
She has bestowed upon me,
Which no one else has before:


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