The God of Self-Destruction


Does it satiate your bloodlust
To claw your way through my chest,
Digging beneath the flesh and tendons
To the heart beating beneath,
Rip it out, still beating,
And smear it across your face
Before chewing it to shreds?
You would cannibalize
Any who extend a helping hand,
And offer your soul
To every destructive force
That would erode your essence
And cast your shadow into oblivion.
You are the god of self-destruction,
Praying for release and solace
To the devices of your own demise,
Negligent of the angels above
Begging for your company.
One day soon
You will become the ash you ingest,
Assimilated by the cancers you invite
To leech off your altruism;
And on that day you will be trod upon
Again and again,
And no one will even know you’re there.


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