My fingers feel heavy, So that even putting words to paper Exerts every ounce of energy. This is a complete 180 From where I was a week ago; What I thought was my better half Smirks with derision from the firmament Saying, "I was never a part of you." It must have been delusion, then,... Continue Reading →



"You're crazy," she says, Tears falling from her eyes Like the rain before a squall As she grips the fringes of guilt, Born from sins she never committed; And despite my protests, I know she is right: I am insane beyond compare--- Out of my mind--- For the love I possess Means there is no... Continue Reading →

The Fury of Hell, as Nothing

We are in hell, Living through every moment Of searing pain, Seeking a second's reprieve From the smoke that fills our lungs: A reminder of the abandonment And broken promises we were fed. That makes us demons, Baring every flaw to one another As we drift through this realm of repudiation And self-doubt. God has... Continue Reading →

The God of Self-Destruction

Does it satiate your bloodlust To claw your way through my chest, Digging beneath the flesh and tendons To the heart beating beneath, Rip it out, still beating, And smear it across your face Before chewing it to shreds? You would cannibalize Any who extend a helping hand, And offer your soul To every destructive... Continue Reading →

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