You are the love of my life:
My best friend,
My pillar;
Our love is jejune and beautiful,
A delicate struggle,
A passion worth fighting for.
But for all the empyreal bliss—
Every piece that fits together—
There is something horrid,
Ripping away at my soul,
Tethering me to the earth,
Grounding me to your delusions.
I have become your shield,
And you my escape from the world,
And as high as our fire rises,
It also razes the landscape
Of my psychological well-being
So that I know love is not enough,
The will to push through is not enough;
You are not enough for me,
And I am not enough for you.
To preserve this rotting phalanx
That safeguards the tendrils of my sanity,
I am sorry, dear lover:
I must sever this chain that binds us
And soar to the sky, where I belong,
And if you choose to follow,
Know that the heavens are big enough for us both,
But they are not ours to conquer,
As we tried to possess the earth,
And I am here to receive new grace,
As I have nothing left to give.


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