Renewal Through Bloodshed

River of blood

You are my hubris,
My succubus,
Feeding on every ounce of pessimism
Draining from this puerile cadaver.
You sit across from me,
Smiling in the way only you can,
Delighting in how your mere presence
Is enough to derail my sensibilities.
Since time immemorial,
Or so it seems,
You have been there,
Knife in hand waiting to thrust:
To make me bleed,
Watch me squirm,
And suckle my wounds
With your infernal agenda;
But by the gods of Olympus,
And the heavens,
I will no longer deign to live under your heel—
Your oppressive sadism.
You are a witch,
A demon,
And I will strangle you,
Eviscerate you,
Disembowel you,
And watch your blood cleanse these streets
Of the filth you’ve perforated them with,
And I will not cease
Until you are ash at my feet.

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