Ascetic Infatuation

Light Dark Angel

I shudder in the presence of your strength,
Buried beneath the insecurity and puerility;
Seeing what others cannot see—
What even you fail to see—
Is as frustrating as it is rewarding.
In the iridescence of your spirit
Peace irradiates, as necessary as oxygen
To my fragile, splintered soul,
And yet it is not mine to possess.
Tranquility has left me behind,
And if not under your radiance,
I can only retain peace of mind
Through self-imposed exile,
Staring up at your empyreal light
From this cavern of reclusion,
Reaching out intermittently
To bask in the glory once more,
Though it is noxious to my spirit.
In the end, I alone bear the blame
For this toxic purgatory I have succumbed to,
And so I have forfeited the right
To lash out, to emote rage,
And wound you for my failures.


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