You are the love of my life: My best friend, My pillar; Our love is jejune and beautiful, A delicate struggle, A passion worth fighting for. But for all the empyreal bliss--- Every piece that fits together--- There is something horrid, Ripping away at my soul, Tethering me to the earth, Grounding me to your... Continue Reading →


The Escape

You cloud your life with distraction To eschew a day of facing the mirror, Standing up to face reality, And asking yourself, "How did I get here?" Drowning in waste and stagnation Has no appeal in your eyes, But you acquiesce to them all the same, Constraining your spirit in bottles and paper, Chaining your... Continue Reading →


Now that you have offered me a glimpse Into your spirit, carefree and ethereal, I cannot turn back, Cannot pretend I don’t know What true beauty is. Such a wonderful gift You imparted upon me Just by being yourself, By showing me your soul; And now, in your absence, Everything is the dullest grey. There... Continue Reading →

Renewal Through Bloodshed

You are my hubris, My succubus, Feeding on every ounce of pessimism Draining from this puerile cadaver. You sit across from me, Smiling in the way only you can, Delighting in how your mere presence Is enough to derail my sensibilities. Since time immemorial, Or so it seems, You have been there, Knife in hand... Continue Reading →

A Discussion of “Rage and Penance”

Note: this delves into the meaning behind my latest piece, "Rage and Penance." If you have not yet read it, I highly recommend reading it first and then revisiting this explanation. You can find that piece here. Hello, all. I want to start by thanking you for your continued support and occasional kind words. The... Continue Reading →

Rage and Penance

I am not ashamed to admit I love you, That every action was to impress you, Make you look at me differently, Dote upon me your affections; And the truth is--- Regardless of what the prevaricators say--- That I worshiped you unconditionally. It took one mistake, One fleeting moment of self-centeredness, For you to turn... Continue Reading →

Ascetic Infatuation

I shudder in the presence of your strength, Buried beneath the insecurity and puerility; Seeing what others cannot see--- What even you fail to see--- Is as frustrating as it is rewarding. In the iridescence of your spirit Peace irradiates, as necessary as oxygen To my fragile, splintered soul, And yet it is not mine... Continue Reading →

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