Even Angels Suffer

Suffering angel

You’ve castrated me,
Revealed me for my impotence;
I am unable to save you
From the demons that tear at your mind
And gnash at your soul.
I watch, a helpless spectator,
As tortured as you,
Knowing in the end you will perish
Under this insufferable weight
That has already dragged you down so far.
Your immeasurable beauty,
Is no match against this force unstoppable,
Derived from the darkest facets
Of a consciousness plagued by sins
It should not take responsibility for.
It is through cowardice
And no chivalrous attribute
That I flee in this,
Your most desperate moment,
And leave you to face these trials alone,
Because I cannot bear to see
This pain lacerate you all over again.
In the corners of my comfort zone
I weep not for my failures,
But for you,
And pray to every god
You’ll see this through.

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