Hopelessly Incarnate


I see how you want me now:
A caricature sans substance
Walking this earth a husk.
You have spurned my words
And painted me monstrous
For speaking my mind,
For daring to perorate
On my deepest secrets,
Because I believed,
However falsely,
I had found a soul who would understand.
Now my worst fear is realized
In the crystallization of your caustic eyes,
Disparaging me for sins I could not repress
And, I am now convinced,
To watch me suffer and bleed unrelenting,
All because you want me silent,
And dead;
But if I am to choose
Between mollifying your puerility
And the liberation of my words,
I will defer to the latter every time,
And if my silence is what you desire
Then, in the end, we will both have lost.


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