Weak and powerless

Okay, so I haven’t cast off these chains yet—
Have not removed this burden—
But it’s hard to exhume a body buried so deep
And exorcise the soul that lays dormant within;
Yet this is the challenge,
The onus I have undertaken
To make reparations for my transgressions
And return to form that which I distorted
With selfish ambition and misplaced chivalry.
So easy it is to wallow in this
And allow self-pity to transmute into rage;
It is only then that I feel I could do anything—
Anything except sway your will—
Even though that is when I am at my most powerless.
In the wake of this nuclear decimation,
I am perennially pained by your decision,
Your silence,
Though I cannot say I blame you;
But I must urge you never again to tempt me
Or you will bear witness to me at my most powerless,
And I will make sure that blood stains your hands.


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