Alone in the crowd

She sidles along the edge
Between light and shadow,
A soul caught between kindness
And the necessity of intimacy;
Whoring friendship out
To every casual passerby,
Meandering from company to company,
Buying drinks, sharing laughs,
Every interaction as vapid as the last.
At night she’s still alone,
Even when bodies lay beside her,
Feeding her sorrow with the deprivation
Afforded by perpetuated disconnection;
Because in this exposé of camaraderie
There is no true friendship,
No one to turn to in the darkest hours,
Because everyone is pushed away,
Kept at that comfortable distance
To keep her spirits high in the sunlight
While guarding them from her insecurities
And the strife that flogs her every day.
In the end, returned silence
Is her closest companion;
All else is muted,
And she has not yet discovered
How to vivify her world.

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  1. Powerful and provocative, this is such a beautiful and truthful piece. There are so many lines in this I enjoyed and I swear I’m in love with your wordplay. Amazing work!

    • Wow, thanks! I appreciate the kind words, and it’s always great to hear someone was moved by my work.


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