Eulogy for a Friendship, Once Believed Unbreakable

Attempting to retain your friendship Is akin to wading through a desert Searching for an oasis Long ago burned away, Cast into oblivion by the scorching sun: There is no reward in it, Not even a mote of salvation or redemption To be found wherever resolve Used to dictate you in the most beautiful manner.... Continue Reading →



So long after leaving this field To rot and decay, Devoid of precipitation, Now laid waste even in bloom, Your voice has echoed Across this Morphean ether Where my emotions lay dormant, Imprisoned by reason and selfishness To conserve the well-being Of a deprived host. Stirred from inertia, The shock bolsters a stress long suppressed,... Continue Reading →


You have me caught in a vice, Squeezing tighter as you twist my mind, Preying upon my fragility, Pouncing upon my insecurities To wrap these strings around my wrists And make me dance the way you want me to. Every time I stand up straight, Expending all my might to snap free, You twist me... Continue Reading →

Killing What’s Inside

Numb and thoughtless, Ruminating on nothing, Wasting away seconds; I should be progressing, But every route is a circle, So I choose to stop. Soaking up the inertia--- Sitting, staring, dead inside: It's the only way I can function. Turning off reason, Shutting out emotion, Replacing each with substance To block out reality, If even... Continue Reading →


You are hopeless, Terminal, A tumor infecting my mind. Where I once found you a light Raining hope on this bleak desert, I now see you are the opposite, Only serving as stress While you wallow and writhe, Unwilling to stand on your feet And take hold of the hands That strain to raise you... Continue Reading →

Even Angels Suffer

You've castrated me, Revealed me for my impotence; I am unable to save you From the demons that tear at your mind And gnash at your soul. I watch, a helpless spectator, As tortured as you, Knowing in the end you will perish Under this insufferable weight That has already dragged you down so far.... Continue Reading →

Hopelessly Incarnate

I see how you want me now: Silent, Breathless, Dead; A caricature sans substance Walking this earth a husk. You have spurned my words And painted me monstrous For speaking my mind, For daring to perorate On my deepest secrets, Because I believed, However falsely, I had found a soul who would understand. Now my... Continue Reading →

Existential Manipulation

Detail strikes imaginary, Fabricating realities In which no consciousness exists; Pure creation--- It's beautiful--- Is the sole continuum Of our shared existence. Because you do not engage, Standing idly at the precipice Of this monolith we have chiseled, The grace of this effect Has taken possession of me alone. Far removed from the sanctity You... Continue Reading →


She sidles along the edge Between light and shadow, A soul caught between kindness And the necessity of intimacy; Whoring friendship out To every casual passerby, Meandering from company to company, Buying drinks, sharing laughs, Every interaction as vapid as the last. At night she's still alone, Even when bodies lay beside her, Feeding her... Continue Reading →

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