Sunrise clouds

The best part of the day is the instant I wake up;
It’s the part of the day where I’m overwhelmed
By the beauty of your empyreal existence.
Like a balloon being filled with helium,
Emotion swells my heart until it bursts,
And I know everything in the world will be all right
Because the love I possess for you is nonpareil.
I could never attempt to fathom this inextirpable emotion,
And it’s so potent I wonder how long I can wield it
Before it spirals out of control
And I lose my mind in this blissful euphoria.
Nothing stands in measure against this force:
Not the darkness of the world
Or the depression that rendered me a slave decade-long,
And certainly not the trivialities of the everyday
That bog down those with nothing to live for.
You see, I have found that purpose, that spark,
And it has ignited into a wildfire that drives me,
Reminding me I have the strength to face the world,
And that my entire life has not been squandered
Because this surreal and ethereal gift has resurrected my soul.

All of this happens in a snapshot of time,
And it almost drives me to tears every morning,
But after that split second, reality strikes,
And I remember this love falls into a void,
Unrequited, ignored,
And suddenly facing the world becomes a Sisyphean task.

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