Ten Years Dead

Headlights silhouette

Ten years dead
Under these fluorescent lights,
As sterile as my breathing,
Waking to the numbing cold
Of a decade in stasis:
No movement,
No interaction;
Just an abyss to while away the years—
The dream I had always wanted.

But the end didn’t come so easily,
And even though I chose
A bottle and a pair of headlights
Over confronting you and confessing all,
Fate was not inclined to acquiesce;
So here I lay, hearing the news
That everything I thought was true—
My entire perception—
Is a fragment of a past long gone.

Ten years dead,
But now I have awakened,
And with them all the passions
I feel for you, as strong as they were
Ten years past;
But you, I’m told, have moved on,
Nothing more than a footnote in my life,
With passions for someone else.
And now, when at once I thought
All that was there for me
Was a bottle and a pair headlights,
That is all that is left now,
Because I chose to squander
The ethereal beauty
That had once lain before my eyes.


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