Immovable Objects


You’ve pushed me to the fringe of sanity,
Where I grasp desperately at the precipice
In hopes that you’ll reach out your hand—
Exuding inappropriate grace—
And pull me to safety.
I have no expectations, rest assured,
As, like me, you remain motionless
While the tide within rises,
Drowning your reason and eroding your strength;
And I, too self-absorbed
To answer your ear-shattering pleas,
Remain just as stoic, watching this tragedy play out.

Frozen in time, we are two monoliths,
Statues standing as a monument to failure,
Beacons of insecurity and repression,
Each one hoping the sun will crack the other.
Until such time—
The end of time, I’m convinced—
We’ll continue to convince ourselves
Of this prodigious idea:
Staring at one another as silence devours us
Until, on that blissful day, inertia slays us,
And we can repeat the cycle in death.

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