Caring is not as simple as it seems. It is not always smiling and laughing; It is not cutting up with colleagues Or the people you see day in and day out. What it really means to care Is to stand firm when those you claim to love Have fallen to their lowest point And... Continue Reading →



Here we sit across the void, Two specters Watching each other clandestinely, Never speaking, never touching, Just hoping the other will slip first: I, the vacillating spirit, Who weaves in and out of your consciousness--- At one moment the center of your attention, And the next nonexistent in your realm; You, the mute celestial, Punishing... Continue Reading →


The best part of the day is the instant I wake up; It's the part of the day where I'm overwhelmed By the beauty of your empyreal existence. Like a balloon being filled with helium, Emotion swells my heart until it bursts, And I know everything in the world will be all right Because the... Continue Reading →

This Miserable Wake

I thought it was I Who would scathe you With hostility. How mistaken I was, Now that I see the calumny Behind those crystal eyes; But it was I who put the blade To the throat of our illusion And laid it to rest with an admission That should have remained unconfessed. Now we stare... Continue Reading →

Wounding an Angel

This is what happens When anger collides with compassion: An eddy of rage Coalesces with a river Formed from dissonant tears To compose emotions obfuscate and cacophonous; In the end, I'm left paralyzed, Dubious of which step will be my last, Praying to a god both deaf and mute That it will be the next.... Continue Reading →

Emotional Paralysis

I am a wasteland at heart, Deadened by the tumult I could never arbitrate. My mind lies in the dust Of this emotional paralysis, Never progressing, never moving, Strapping me to a memory That's better left forgotten. My psyche's been devastated By this apocalypse you've waged, Laying waste to all the color That once painted... Continue Reading →

Ten Years Dead

Ten years dead Under these fluorescent lights, As sterile as my breathing, Waking to the numbing cold Of a decade in stasis: No movement, No interaction; Just an abyss to while away the years— The dream I had always wanted. But the end didn't come so easily, And even though I chose A bottle and... Continue Reading →

The Truth Behind the Chaos we Inhabit

This virulence has issued forth Unchecked, untempered, Without regard to the wounds it has gouged In the depths of your beautiful soul; For this slander— Blaspheming your sacred name And shackling your mind to even more remorse— I should never be allowed To grace your presence again. Never was it my intention To afflict you... Continue Reading →

Immovable Objects

Congratulations! You've pushed me to the fringe of sanity, Where I grasp desperately at the precipice In hopes that you'll reach out your hand— Exuding inappropriate grace— And pull me to safety. I have no expectations, rest assured, As, like me, you remain motionless While the tide within rises, Drowning your reason and eroding your... Continue Reading →

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