Death by Paper Airplane

I'm lying on the floor Waiting for a goddamned text, But the phone is silent--- The only sound the hum of the laptop And my own stilted breathing. I'm waiting for an indication That I'm not alone in this struggle, That there is someone out there Who cares, who feels this pain Simply because it's... Continue Reading →



I must confess I'm under duress From all of your mispleasantries; Keeping me under lock and key, Holding me tight so I can't breathe. Your affections, while sustaining, Are also noxious┬áto my brain, Releasing a toxin that will trigger despair And ruin everything I've striven to build. I'm holding on tight to you And the... Continue Reading →


I want to wound you so bad, And I am at a loss If it's because you've wounded me Or if it's to see how much you care. But you're already bleeding out--- A walking cadaver, soulless, Wandering a void of self-pity, Waiting to breathe your last. The scars so deep have hardened Only for... Continue Reading →

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