Your Impotent Fury

Vampire Rage

I do not appreciate this false privilege
You have deftly imparted upon me—
The way you use me as an intermediary
Through which to execute your impotent fury;
It lacerates me, leaving me feral and distant.
Don’t you get that I’m human, too,
And not just a pawn in petty games?
As much as I want to play the healer,
Dressing your wounds and mending your scars,
Piecing together the fragile remnants of your psyche,
I have neither the strength nor position to do so;
So I have only words, which fall far short
Of anything that could possibly assuage your suffering.
I am, in effect, rendered inert and powerless
To do anything that could in any way aid you,
Even if you were to plead for my help;
And though your conscience belies such rationale,
I would expect you of all people to understand that.

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