I've seen your misery; You've poisoned me with your goddamned spite, And each time I see that glower I long to peel every inch of flesh from my face. It's sickening, this power you have over me, The way you command my emotions with your eyes--- A glance for hope, an aversion for despair, But... Continue Reading →


National Novel Writing Month Project

***NOTE TO READERS: Throughout the month of November, I have been participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Though in retrospect it would have been a great idea to at least announce my participation via this channel, I have been far too preoccupied with the actual project to think about much anything else.*** In speculative... Continue Reading →

Your Impotent Fury

I do not appreciate this false privilege You have deftly imparted upon me--- The way you use me as an intermediary Through which to execute your impotent fury; It lacerates me, leaving me feral and distant. Don't you get that I'm human, too, And not just a pawn in petty games? As much as I... Continue Reading →

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