Suspended Animation

World is a blur

I am a dying breed in this evolving industry;
For my failure to progress, to take a step forward,
I am sapped of my power, impuissant and futile,
Mewling in the climax of my death throes.

Insecurity confined me to the antediluvian;
I thrash, drowning beneath the waves of maturation.
This vessel I crafted to carry me across the seas
Has splintered and rotted, leaving me for dead.

Nascent emotions that never developed—
Stunted by the abuse of ostracization—
Cast me into a cyclone of indecision,
Rendering an unconditional state of inertia.

In consequence I watch you stoically,
Knowing you’re my escape, my progression
Into a world less asthmatic where I may thrive,
But in a blink you’re gone. I remain still.


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