A Collage of Horrid Fracture

It’s funny the lies people will believe
As long as it’s what they want to hear,
Like how you accepted I had a good time
When we both know I’m miserable inside.

It’s pathetic what humans settle for
When they’re desperate and lonely,
Like how I pursue what I know will destroy me,
And you submit to that from which you want to break free.

It’s depressing the games we play—
Of ignorance and spurning and glacial aloofness—
As though feigning indifference and heartlessness
Is a sensible use of our finite time on this rock.

The mass stupidity of what we’re trying to do
Can’t be laid on one person, so I’ll blame it on you
In my familiar fashion, eschewing accountability
Because I’m too afraid of facing my flaws.

If confliction is your defining quality,
We must be twins, or at least of the same mind;
That scares me more than torture of the worst kind
Because I don’t wish my faults on anyone.

Perhaps that’s the true reason why
I keep my distance from your radar;
Because you do care, and so do I,
But our affection is in discord, not harmony.


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