Ladies and gentlemen: This is me at my weakest--- My most vulnerable and exposed--- Laying bare my most fatal flaw To grow stronger than ever before. The darkness has conquered, Vanquished hope in its veracious path, Leaving a cadaver of a life to rot And sew a macabre fate. I will make it a distant... Continue Reading →


Suspended Animation

I am a dying breed in this evolving industry; For my failure to progress, to take a step forward, I am sapped of my power, impuissant and futile, Mewling in the climax of my death throes. Insecurity confined me to the antediluvian; I thrash, drowning beneath the waves of maturation. This vessel I crafted to... Continue Reading →

A Collage of Horrid Fracture

It's funny the lies people will believe As long as it's what they want to hear, Like how you accepted I had a good time When we both know I'm miserable inside. It's pathetic what humans settle for When they're desperate and lonely, Like how I pursue what I know will destroy me, And you... Continue Reading →

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