Your Hedonistic Prevarication


You prevaricate again—
Whether to spare my feelings
Or save yourself from an awkward instance
I can never be certain,
But it afflicts me all the same.

So absolute in your reason
That I am like so many others:
Easy to offend when you’re disinclined
To acquiesce to my every whim,
When I only ever sought to make you smile.

Alas, these tears are too heavy,
Too great a burden to carry
To continue in my appeasement,
Hoping you’ll grace me with your presence
If I sacrifice my dignity at your altar of negligence.

I am no fool; in truth I know
I will come running at the sight of you,
Will be by your side if you whimper.
There is nothing I could hope to do
To prevent this inalterable truth.

So you see this predicament?
I’m stuck in an endless cycle,
Like Prometheus or Sisyphus;
So don’t you dare ask me, “What’s wrong?”
For I will point you to a mirror.


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