Child vs. Titan

I am a child before you,
Reduced to infantile emoting
Beneath your scrupulous eyes,
Withering and emasculated.

This is not flattery,
Not a compliment toward you;
Rather, vituperation of mine own character
And the juvenility of my psyche.

I sidle along the precipice
Of your coveted social radar,
Hoping for a moment’s glance
Or a whisper of a compliment.

So fragile am I
That either courtesy lifts my spirits,
Safeguarding my emotions
From the despondency that lurks in my mind.

But to be deprived of your kindness,
Which I have not earned,
Crushes with the mass of a black hole
Any mote of elation in my heart.

Within me you inspire
Bloated, sophomoric fantasies
To rescue and console you,
When it is I who need both.

You are a giantess,
A titan I cannot parallel;
And in the looming shadow you cast
My miniscule form is but a speck.


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