Your Hedonistic Prevarication

You prevaricate again--- Whether to spare my feelings Or save yourself from an awkward instance I can never be certain, But it afflicts me all the same. So absolute in your reason That I am like so many others: Easy to offend when you're disinclined To acquiesce to my every whim, When I only ever... Continue Reading →


Child vs. Titan

I am a child before you, Reduced to infantile emoting Beneath your scrupulous eyes, Withering and emasculated. This is not flattery, Not a compliment toward you; Rather, vituperation of mine own character And the juvenility of my psyche. I sidle along the precipice Of your coveted social radar, Hoping for a moment's glance Or a... Continue Reading →


I don't want your life; I don't desire your responsibilities, Your affiliations, Your education. I care not for your loved ones; They are a triviality. I yearn not for your principles, Could not care less by what name you call God; I am not concerned whether you meditate or pray, Or if your musings are... Continue Reading →

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