The Quondam Friend, Now a Fraud

You stand before me: Tall, poised, identical To the friend I've known For a lifetime and more. Down to the fluctuation Your voice resonates, And to the flick of the wrist Each movement impeccable. To the unknowing eye You are the same: Unchanged, unadulterated Just maybe older. But you are a graphic image, Something alike... Continue Reading →


Dream, Come True

Not many things in this world have evoked hesitation from me. Death gave me pause, before I dove headlong toward it. I haven't looked back since.

These, the Wings of Mirthless Musing

Can't see how I'll survive tomorrow When yesterday's gaffes still ruin my psyche, Laying waste to this corporation of self-confidence, Always reminding what I've missed out on. It's like my memory of you is parasitic, Latching onto every thought and sucking it dry So that there's nothing in my mind but you And a ridicule... Continue Reading →

Evocation of Silence

I struggled effusively to offer rejoinder Without condemning myself to an oath; To say a word you wouldn't hold me to, To break the constraints of your mercantilism. A barrage of verbosity would flow Like a deluge untamable by dams, For they would shred concrete like paper And all my vulnerabilities would be exposed. This... Continue Reading →

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