The Child Who Wore Majora’s Mask

Majora's Mask

I am that child:
The one under the tree
Who does not play, does not congregate.
I am the one in the mask
Whose only friend is solitude,
And whose armament is introversion.

There is no evil in these eyes,
Only a reflection of life;
Not the kind a person relishes,
But one repudiated and avoided,
Search for that game to play
Or that villain to triumph over.

Fierce is the deity
That has brought me to my knees.
Godless are they
Who defiled my friendship;
Giants they seem among my meekness,
But as ants they’ll fall beneath my catastrophe!

What I have wrought on this world
Is not death, but merely my experience;
For why should others revel
Where I weep and gnash my teeth?
Why would I permit others joy
When I have inherited the power to inflict suffering?

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