Everything’s fallen
Like a climactic letdown
Into the void of disappointment.
All that was meant to satiate—
Bound to propitiate—
Has collapsed under the weight of expectation.
An existence propelled by faith
Is now defined by this revelation.
All that was meant to be that never became,
And all that was obtained,
Hollow and naught for meaning,
Has driven me to my knees in the street, weeping.


The Earth is Dying


Take a look out your window—what do you see?
Beautiful life portraits—the Earth is dying.
We walk her gardens, we breathe her air,
Reap the fruits that she will share.

The Earth is dying and we can’t save her,
Trembling from nature’s indiscriminate hand;
Even the world is victim to nature,
Forcing death upon this graceful land.

I surmise everything looks more beautiful dying;
The Earth withers like it has before.
We don’t take notice as she starts crying,
‘Cause we know we’ll witness so much more.

The Earth is dying, but her tears will revive;
She’ll resurrect by nature’s decree.
While we mere mortals can never survive,
Immemorial days her eyes will see.

This cycle’s so pretty—can’t get enough;
We all indulge in this florid suffering,
Hanging onto nature’s cusp.
The Earth is dying, but soon she’ll sing.

I tear up—the sheer beauty;
Wouldn’t trade it—living freely.
The wind, it blows—my spirit grows
The Earth is dying and I can’t stop smiling.