You don’t know me,
Never touched me,
Never spoken my name
In the silence, in sorrow,
For the love of God.
You’re immortal—
Caressing me ego,
But never my soul.
Like an ember I wait,
Flickering bright
In a sea of black
For a quondam glance.
All my efforts suffered
In vain attempts
To catch a mote of attention
Or a semblance of compliment.
Down in the well
It’s so easy to forget
That the water rises,
Drowning we who live within;
It surfaces for you
To sip in proportion,
Not to be overwhelmed or inundated,
But to be refreshed, made anew.
Your iridescence refracts in the ripples,
Collapsing on my conscious like a supernova,
And I remember that you’re immortal,
And I cannot touch you.

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