Gypsy Angel

Gypsy lover

Hello, harpy,
Masquerading as an angel
To deceive the unwitting.
Gypsy lover, taking flight,
Leaving behind your remnant:
A ghost, loitering
As the conceiver of my torment.

You’re a succubus,
Though you despoil my libido
And sap my will to live.
Mirror image,
But you’re better at everything,
Adulterating all that I love,
Besting me at all my pastimes.

Elucidate me:
Is eight years too long to remember?
Do scars heal that quickly?
Then you must have slain me,
Resurrecting me in Tartarus—
A perennial purgatory—
Playing fearful Hades himself.

Would that I could forget
Your indelible role inĀ Mere Existence,
But just when I have
You return, a phantom to haunt me;
I recall each time what was lost—
What you stole—
And exhume my shame in not reclaiming your affections.