Living Horrors

Do not shower me with your adulations; They are acrimony to mine ears. Your effete efforts to boost my ego Only serve as japes to remind me of what I am in your eyes: Nothing real Nothing worth giving yourself to, Only a caste to fill with catastrophe and dejection. Were I robbed of innocence---... Continue Reading →


Of Earth and Judges

You bear my criticisms against the way you live, The choices you make, For your failure to let go of that which is already lost. Your back is scourged by my vituperations, Striking like a whip on flesh, Ripping, tearing with each lash, Merciless and unyielding. Exulting myself a god to adjudicate, I hurl castigations... Continue Reading →

A Sentiment Like Hephaestus

Welcome to the world of the forsaken,Where the pretty people are too cachet to look at me,And the ugly people are too indie to converse to converse with me.Now left to my own quandaries I lose this effete grip on sanity,Forgetting the status quo of human behavior,Unable to cope with the pallid comfort of faithOr... Continue Reading →

The Beauty in All Things

There's beauty in all things. I remembered those words as I stared into the eyes of the woman at my feet, opulent jades bearing out a soul in its most desperate moment. She wasn't the most comely woman by any means; her stringy hair and blanched skin did her no favors, though in truth her... Continue Reading →

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