A Pessimist’s Rumination

Dark ballerina

Tell me what you think I want to hear:
About the strength of the human spirit
Or perhaps the reward for perseverance.
Take all your advice and inspiring idioms
And throw them in the trash;
Light them on fire,
For I want none of them.

I don’t want to hear of beauty and success;
I want to hear of something real—
Something about the pain of living,
Of the hardship and struggle,
Not the outcome.
I want to know I’m not alone in this suffering,
As selfish as that renders my soul.

Don’t say you understand
When really you never could;
Don’t feign a walk in my shoes
When an atmosphere partitions our plateaus;
Don’t act as if we exist in the same dimension
Or see the same world through our windows.

Just tell me you’re here for me,
And that you’ll never leave my side.


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