A Shade of Despair Cast by the Brightest Sunrise

Everything lit up when I saw you: The darkness of the night, The wet cold of the snow that only came in sleet; And looking through the window As you made your ethereal approach, I knew it was worth the wait. You were late, as I recall, But I would have sat that thirty minutes... Continue Reading →


A Pessimist’s Rumination

Tell me what you think I want to hear: About the strength of the human spirit Or perhaps the reward for perseverance. Take all your advice and inspiring idioms And throw them in the trash; Light them on fire, For I want none of them. I don't want to hear of beauty and success; I... Continue Reading →


The window casts grim--- A spectacle of the macabre and moribund. Nothing outside this box I've hidden away in Unveils more than an insipid luminescence. Each time I dare to venture out--- To fool myself into believing It has something more to offer--- I step into a void of disappointment, And lose myself to these... Continue Reading →

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