Cadaver’s Muse

This isn't life; This is death. I am a corpse masquerading, Feigning feelings I do not possess. Inside, I am a wintry wasteland, Barren, Perhaps at first attractive, But caustic and moribund when the charm evaporates. Another wave crashes, Another force pins me down, Holding me under, Watching me struggle for air in a sea... Continue Reading →


Within the Shadow

Another one down; Another one to surmount the guilt. In this field of giants, what am I but a speck? I am a plague, a darkness upon this forbidden land, Rife with abominations, But when the corpses mount the pile, I am a titan among insects. Hear me! father of the land: I never wished... Continue Reading →

Foursquare: The Stalker’s Delight

Growing up in Southeastern United States, it may not (or it may) be a surprise to hear one of the most often vocalized concerns from neighbors, friends, and what not was the government intruding on its citizens' privacy. This concern, of course, was inflamed with the terrorist scare and the passing of the Patriot Act,... Continue Reading →

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