Hypnic Jerk

Fear laces my heart, Pumping faster now--- Faster, faster! This is insanity; My mind's an absurdity. Of all that death's threatened in this episodic nightmare, Lucidity may be the first to fall from the periphery. Scratching these memories from the surface of consciousness Only to have the remnants vacillate into my stream of thought, I... Continue Reading →


Arctic Abyss

Endless abyss--- Drifting alone, thoughtless and void. No air here, just the dark, Smothered by the tangible, Encumbered via nature. A plea goes unheard in this oblivion. No sound escapes, no cries are made; Just a form sifting and sinking, Blind to the world, Useless to the machinations of the everyday, Sacrificed to death itself... Continue Reading →

Social Media Activism: An Epidemic

The world is moving. Communication is stronger than ever, with smartphones, social media, and the Internet. It's a wonderful thing, to be sure, but as always, with the good comes the bad. Many would say wasting time on the Internet surfing Youtube for funny trending videos and clicking through countless hysterical memes are a waste... Continue Reading →

Money Eyes

Peer at me with money eyes. Camaraderie is a convincing disguise, But the underscoring truth belies The intentions of your grotesque reprise. Would a little sincerity kill you, darling? Humor me until I bend or break; Whittle away at me with affection, And spear my heart with your insufferable gaze. Feel my legs quiver, enfeebled... Continue Reading →

Innocence Perish

Awakened to this horror story: A tragedy only conceivable in my nightmares. Gripping at nothing for a hold on sanity, Because nothing is all I'm left with. My jowls break from these wails of agony; I cry drops of blood into a basin of sorrow, Reflecting this shell, void of life. This death sentence I'm... Continue Reading →

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