Girl flower

Do you believe in God, my dear?
I cannot know whether you do, only that I do;
For the notion that random chance created you—
A creature so tender,
So kind,
So beautiful—
Is inconceivable to me.
A glimpse at you is to know God exists,
And He has shared His blessing with the world through you.

I would tell you these things, love,
But you cannot hear the words spoken from this mortal tongue.
I would embrace you as mine,
But you cannot feel these hollow arms.
I would defend you from all evil,
But your radiance wards the dark far better than I ever could.
I would so wish to meet you,
To glance upon your ethereal resplendence with mine own eyes,
To reach out to you for the slightest caress,
To remind you that never are you worthless,
A short-coming,
Or a disappointment,
But I cannot, for you a world away,
And untouchable.


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