Intro / Pathos, Pathos

That’s supposed to represent the inception of this blog or whatever…

Welcome, dear, dear readers to my first official blog (Facebook Notes and similar social media aside). If you don’t know me, that’s okay; you’ll have ample opportunity to learn through this digital intermediary. Since this is an “introduction” of sorts, I won’t jump right into the unabashed life revelations just yet, and in lieu will begin by answering some questions.

I. Why I’m Blogging and Why You Should Give a Crap

Plain and simple: presence. Having spent nearly the twelve or so years of my web-surfing life remaining under the radar (Google searches for my name don’t lead searchers to me but other imposters, such as the Jewish Brit author), I am stepping out of the womb of oblivion into the light of the Internet. I don’t know why you should give a crap, but an aspiring writer apparently needs a blog, so here you go.

II. What Can You Expect

Nothing terribly important, I’ll be honest. I’m a bit self-deprecating, but in a sardonic, Conan O’Brien-type way…but I don’t possess his comedic genius. Honestly, you can expect an amalgam of my various masquerades: humor, candid opinion, reflections, dorkiness, blah, blah, blarggg. I’ll attempt to limit the volume of self-assertion I seem to have a proclivity toward, but I learned long ago not to make promises I can’t keep (har har).

III. Why the Verbose Headline?

Popped into my head one day, put it down. Anyone who knows me can tell you I suffer from mild social retardation, or constipation, or whatever term fits your fancy. I won’t complain, but I’ll take liberal use of candor. It’s the way I live my life! (The headline’s changeable anyway. Thanks, WordPress!)

Yep, that’s pretty much the short and skinny, as someone said probably two hundred years ago. Check back later for a real post. Or don’t. It’s a free world (in some places).

Much cyber love,

P.S. The title of this entry is the first track off Kishi Bashi’s debut album, 151a.


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